Hobbiton used by sheeps

The Lord of the Rings movies  are well known all over the world, and so is the village Hobbiton where the Hobbits in the trilogy were living. The beautiful little houses surrounded by amazing nature were located in Matamata in New Zealand during filming, and they still are.

Now the Hobbit houses are used by a farm nearby. More precisely their sheep have moved into the village where they are using the hobbit houses. Nowadays you can get a tour around in Hobbiton to see the famous Hobbit cabins and also pet the lambs.

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  1. juan - October 24, 2010

    espectacular las fotos de hobbiton

  2. Henriette Weber - October 24, 2010

    yes! – awesome! – that definetly goes on my to do list next time I visit New Zealand=)

  3. Sophia - October 27, 2010

    spelling please! Sheep not sheeps.

  4. Dulce Arrevillaga Lazaro via Facebook - September 21, 2011

    Esta me encanta mas ¡,

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