Shopping cart christmas tree

“The shopping cart tree symbolizes both generosity and abundance, as well as acknowledging those less fortunate where their whole world may be housed in a cart. We see shopping carts every day and take them for granted. Individually the beauty of an everyday object may become invisible, but in quantity you can’t miss it,” says Anthony Schmitt of his design.
The 2010 tree is made out of mostly full size carts with some smaller versions at the top to create a forced perspective of height. The carts are supported by an internal structure that remains nearly invisible, allowing the carts to seem like they were merely stacked atop one another and left in that perilous formation.
++Shopping Cart tree
Images copyright Graham King

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  1. Laura Smith - October 25, 2013

    An ironic metaphor for all the commercialisation that is thrust upon us this time, every year!

  2. Cathy Stone Wallace - September 2, 2014

    That is so neat. There is a town on the east coast that has a tree made of lobster traps. Love all that crazy creativity.

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