DIY : what to do with empty cd/dvd spindles

Ok, you have to be a geek, but if you have lots of empty CD and DVD spindles, chances are you also have a bunch of disorganized cables in a pile somewhere.

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  1. luckie - February 6, 2011

    funny, I just save one of these from the trash

  2. Connie Golden via Facebook - January 9, 2013

    Got a lot of these… and a lot of cables… what a great idea!

  3. Ann Polk Watkins via Facebook - January 9, 2013

    Showed to hubby, loves the idea. Now he has them bundled and in a container. This way he can stack in his shop and i get the empty container.

  4. Jackie Slone via Facebook - January 9, 2013

    Take your breakfast bagel to work in it.

  5. Hilde Vaes via Facebook - January 9, 2013

    goed idee, kabels eindelijk opgeruimd.

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