Tower Table From Disused Furniture

This project (as the StoryTeller one already presented on involves building a cabinet for a bedroom where you can put a TV, DVD, books, etc… Given the small space, they decided to break the typical depth of a table and instead raise an average draft tables, cut in half and leaning against the wall. The idea was to  create a tiered cabinet, diagonal and up creating a new vertical space.
The mixture of styles is another feature of this work, from the table of peak Solomonic character (with its distinctive spiral legs) to the Louis XV style, smaller in size. This generates a set of old and contemporary, achieving a mixture homogenized only by the finish.

One more example of how a disused furniture can regain its usefulness giving them a twist in its shape and appearance, creating, in this way, a unique and original shelf.

++ More information at FabioBook website !

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