Boeing 747 wing house

Located in California at Malibu, this modern “wing house” was built starting from a Boeing 747 except service. The roof of the residence was thought starting from the wings of the plane.

All explanations on David Hertz Architects

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  1. Dave Bowman - June 29, 2011


  2. Ariane Baffie-Borras via Facebook - June 29, 2011

    et quand y’a trop de vent, la maison décolle ?

  3. Julie K. - July 1, 2011

    This building looks just great. I’ve loved flying since I was a little girl and I’ve enjoyed every single flight since. I would love to buy such house, or at least sell it, since I work in real estate. The design is really impressive. :)

  4. Brett W. Gourdie via Facebook - March 11, 2012

    Love it!!

  5. Pick N Strings via Facebook - March 11, 2012

    Is it for sale??

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