Dead Star

Dead Star is made from residual battery at the end of their duty by artist Michel de Broin. Left to itself, the sculpture will slowly cool down since there is no longer electronic activity taking place in it. The hundreds of batteries were once used to power appliances before they finish their cycle in a recycle facility. Retrieve from death, they were assembled again in this whole structure.

++ Visit Michel de Broin artist website for more information and artistics projects !

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  1. A Tender Heart - June 19, 2011

    Looks really cool but I would be afraid that after awhile the batteries would deteriorate and start to leak.

  2. Liz Thomas via Facebook - June 19, 2011

    looks cool, but dead batteries eventually leak and I don’t think that would be particularly healthy to have around…

  3. Giannina Lilian - June 25, 2014

    So… it’s not useful… I dont like it but… talking about art.. I do like.

  4. Helen Louise Gallimore McLaughlin - December 9, 2014

    I got a think about textures and this just creeps me out.. All the gaps..

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