reSausaled ornaments made from tasting room waste products

I hate throwing anything away- especially shiny malleable metal so I figured out a way to “improve” on the standard cork horse and reindeer ornaments by using previously used tasting room materials. I used the corks, the foils, and the cardboard inserts that separate bottles inside cases to make most of the ornaments. To make the tags I used the same cardboard again and I printed onto the back side of used tasting room bags. I wanted this to be as re-purposed as possible. The only things not previously used was the twine and the glue (although even with that I tried to be as green as possible- using white glue whenever I could and used an old hot plate to make melting pot for the hot glue because I found that glue guns waste a disturbing amount of glue). The rounds of old zin vine are a result of vineyard maintenance and would have been burned if I hadn’t found a use for them. I’m really happy with how they all turned out. They are for sale in Sausal Wineries tasting room.

++ More information at Seasonal Bliss Tumblr !
Idea sent by Leisa Demostene !

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