Appetizer Set From Recycled Vinyls

Recovery which has two advantages: to provide coasters (and a chips bowl …) and be rid of music tracks we don’t like anymore !


Idea sent by Nid’Elfe !

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  1. Heidi Morris Wegner via Facebook - February 13, 2012

    great look but not exactly functional….glasses my sweat on the outside but after a while you’re going to have wet mess

  2. Dolan - February 25, 2012

    I think that’s wonderful! Besides, just because the music is rubbish doesn’t mean the vinyl has to go to waste

  3. Claudine Morel-fevrier via Facebook - February 12, 2013

    BOF …(pour une fois …)

  4. HateVinylkillers - April 3, 2015

    I hate destroying vinyls.
    Make it with “Loudness War” raped CD’s and not with Vinyls!

  5. HateVinylkillers - April 3, 2015

    Right! That’s very stupid – do it with “Loudness war” raped compact disk and never with vinyl albums and singles!

  6. Christina Anderson
    Christina Anderson - July 3, 2015

    vinyl is toxic…good for things other than food

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