Recycled Crochet Hook Holders

Promoting a green life to preserve the environment is one of my passions – FiberART is another. Even when upcycling something as small as an empty pen or permanent marker.

As a FiberARTist my tools must be comfortable so I combined the two passions by making a small dent in the throw-away pile by creating Recycled Crochet Hook Holders.

If you want to see more examples and make your own – download the Tutorial on my website !


++ More information at LadyWilow’s TreeHouse website !
Idea sent by Lady Willow !

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About Author Neokentin

Co-founder of Recyclart. Working hard on Recyclart to bring you your daily dose of recycled creative ideas! :) A passion for people creativity when they start to think "recycled-upcycled"! :)

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  1. Julie Shinnick via Facebook - March 9, 2012


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