Stylist of mode(fashion) of training(formation) then graphic designer, Didier Birée is a follower of the “recovery(recycling) and the recycling today” since about fifteen years. The presented sculptures are the fruit of an assembly (lived and rivets) of existing materials (subjects) found in secondhand trades, attic sales… Native of a region strongly soaked (filled) by the spirit of the factory Moulinex (today closed), a tribute is particularly made to him(her) by the frequent use (and of their metamorphosis) utensils and accessories universally known.
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Idea sent by Birée Didier !

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  1. Gilles Eichenbaum via Facebook - July 30, 2012

    Nice job! Except there are better ways to make clean bowls out of 2 colanders :-)

  2. charles burke - August 9, 2012

    hey, all these great sculptures have been sold in my store in Bordeaux, france. name of my store? “we are nothing”! we also make ourselves the great new Krejci collection, check it out on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/krejcilife . we send out allover the world…

  3. Aunt Bridgie McGurk - April 2, 2014

    Mike Lÿpp or Alan Cain can you identify the components of this are work?

  4. Mike Lÿpp - April 2, 2014

    Lots of kitchen items. The legs look like Cock Robin square ice cream scoopers. I see a cocktail shaker, several strainers…

  5. Mike Lÿpp - April 2, 2014

    Two tartlet tins for feet.

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