Superheroes made with recycled paint brushes !


++ More information at Mini Taller d’Art website !
Idea sent by NEUSA bañeres lopez !

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  1. Casa de Festas Planeta Criança - July 31, 2012

    Really cool. Children will love for sure.

  2. Cammy - August 6, 2012

    Dear Neokentin,

    I really love your first image! This is why I’m replying.

    I was wondering if I could use that one for own use. Please reply to me to Then I can explain to you in further details.

    Kind regards,


  3. gille - August 13, 2012

    congratulation, good idea !

  4. autumn sinclair - April 30, 2014

    I love the superhero paintbrushes. My daughter wants a superhero bday party..was wondering how/what u made the body& arms out of?. Thnks

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