Upcycled Vinyl Cake Stand

Three tier vinyl record cup cake or trinket stand. Used to display both cup cakes and jewellery. It’s made with a 44, 78 & 33 records and measures approximately 38cm high.

The labels have been sealed for protection. Records can be wiped clean (water resistant). The customer can choose either silver or gold toned handles. At the base of the record 3 black grippers have been used so the stand doesn’t slide around.

The stand is sent completely flat packed and the 3 records fit neatly back in the main cover which becomes the packaging. Made by Kate & Rose, available to buy through Recycled Market


++ More information at Kate & Rose on Recycled Market website !
Idea sent by Erica Louise !


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  1. Mike Aftanake via Facebook - July 23, 2012

    people have been doing things like these for ages before it was considered shameful not to throw away and replace broken old things…they used to repair, mend and reuse…remember the times? no fancy names, but still the same

  2. BRYAN - February 18, 2014

    Ilove the idea that someelse ‘throwouts can find a new life in a dramatic or simple way,the tyres with grass inside as a feature is one such idea, instead of burning them use them in public places to add a touch of green!

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