Broken Odd’s and Ends make Beautiful Jewelry

I’ve been creating brooches from reused jewelry for a few years, but have only recently decided to pursue it head on. So much up-cycled jewelry has the “recycled junk, eclectic” look to it, which is a beautiful aesthetic. But, I wanted to make it more simple. I wanted to transform what I was finding, first by modernizing it without losing its vintage/aged charm. Second, by making the items look as though they were meant to be together. I especially wanted to have the balance of design elements such as texture, color, and space. Here are some examples of what I’ve come up with. Enjoy!


++ More information at Pinup Brooches by Kaylin Lang website !
Idea sent by Kaylin Lang !

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  1. Carol - September 7, 2012

    so cute to use multiple material on pendant . . . . . . .

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