KREJCI BAGS : You see it Black, but it’s Green !

As you can see, our products are made out of recycled bicycle inner tubes!
Let it surprise you: repair patches and various signs unveil here and there fragments of history and give each Krejči its own character. A simple maintenance will enable you to keep your new design accessory for many years: a slightly soapy water soaked sponge will succeed in rubbing all the colored marks of life, because we know you like it BLACK. But do you know that Krejči is above all GREEN ?
Krejci is the fruit of a travel through Europe, our wish is to make its story continue, respecting the Earth and the Humans thanks to limited distances between each supplier, the use of nickel-free materials, and the reduction of excessive use of various glues.
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++ More information at KREJCI // w.a.n. website !
Idea sent by Jennie Burke !

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