Black phone cable necklace

Born in Italy in 1980, Stéphanie Lazzereschi (alias Smiler) is an upcycling designer. She’s president of Let’s Eco Party, an italian environmental non profit organization. In 2010 she decided to combine her passion for art and eco-sustainaibility, with an exciting and original creative project for Let’s Eco Party called “I’m back – Giving waste a second chance”.
Ring, earring, necklace, bags and much more. Everything is created from recycled waste materials. With her work Stéphanie hopes to stimulate consumer awareness about the importance of upcycling.
Her products, all unique pieces or limited production, are completely hand crafted, cruelty free and could be customized on request.
This necklace, called “I’m not CD”, is made of black phone cables with a Christian Dior tag from a broken bag.


++ More information at I’m Back Website !
Idea sent by Stéphanie Lazzereschi !

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  1. Claudia Hubert via Facebook - December 11, 2012

    y yo queriendo entrar a la escuela de joyeria…

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