Love, Take as much as you need

This is very cute and I would be very happy to find a little word like this in my street in the morning…gives you the smile for all the day !


++ More information at Love is always the answer website !

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About Author Neokentin

Co-founder of Recyclart. Working hard on Recyclart to bring you your daily dose of recycled creative ideas! :) A passion for people creativity when they start to think "recycled-upcycled"! :)


  1. paula - January 22, 2013

    thanks for the shout out! it always feels good to spread a little love.

  2. Paula Luther via Facebook - January 22, 2013

    merci! merci!

  3. Molesko - January 22, 2013

    ¿Qué tiene esto de reciclaje?

  4. Brenda Dee Crawford via Facebook - January 22, 2013

    Love Bomb! My neighborhood is getting one today! Thank you♥

  5. Neokentin - January 22, 2013

    @Molesko : Just take an old sheet of paper (already printed on one side), print the message on the other face, pin it in your street and watch to people smiling and happy with this little word !
    Not necessarily recycled, but can be recycled and anyway it is a very nice little idea ! :)

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