Junkart objects by Derek Scholte

Derek Scholte create objects with materials that other people regard junk. Things found on the streets, vintage objects
from flea markets and scrubby little shops. He loves vintage, antique stuff with a patina from years of use. Things and objects with a previous life, a soul.

Work in pictures: Vesper’s velocipede
Mixed materials, approx. 19cm tall, 9cm wide and 25cm high.
Materials used: wheel and various parts from a vintage sewing machine, brass letter opener, inline skate wheels, 70ties snack tray, pendulums from vintage peppermills, bike lightbulb and a few more objects…


Idea sent by Derek Scholte !

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  1. jet - April 15, 2013

    woooow this is cool and awesome!!!!

  2. Derek - April 15, 2013

    Thanks michèle and jet!

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