Mapping Muswell An N10 Paper Project

This is a creative mapping project produced for the N10 area. Using paper (that would normally have been recycled) the artist created a 3 dimensional relief showing 3 different maps of the area – one contemporary, one based on the area circa 1896 and a one of the ‘original’ Muswell Hill village. During the works construction the artist held several residencies within the area to encourage the local community to donate paper for the works construction. To this end local schools, businesses and members of the public gave the artist paper that was pre-used and destined for the recycling bin. By using this paper, which included old shopping lists, letters, drawings and even old menus traces of these people and businesses in the areas were revealed in new contexts and another kind of social mapping took place. Also, within the work, the artist also included small intricate paper cuts of natural or architectural features found in the area. The work, which is over 7 metres long, is now on permanent loan to Muswell Hill Library.
Please see this video of the artist talking about the project whilst she held a residency in the library over the summer.

This is the second mapping project Anya has produced, the first being of the London Borough of Barnet which is on permanent loan to artsdepot in North Finchley. Mapping Muswell – an N10 Paper project was supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.


Idea sent by Anya Beaumont !

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  1. Ian - April 28, 2013

    Hi Anya,
    Interested in your work as I like to cut things out and make new things.
    The works are very beautiful and pleasing to the eye particularly where there are splashes of colour. They are also obviously meaningful on lots of different levels and I have come to conclude that ‘art’ should tick both these boxes.
    Intrigued by your comment ‘commercial pieces’ – I guess these are smaller ‘pot boilers’ so to speak to keep you fed and clothed :) although I am sure they are not inferior in quality, just time and scale…?
    All the best
    Ian from Falmouth

    • Anya Beaumont - May 2, 2013

      Hi Ian,

      Thanks for your comment, I’m glad you found my work interesting.

      Ha- yes “commercial pieces” – I had to think back then to what I had said (not being a fan of watching myself on video). You are right – I was referring to smaller pieces that could be lived with. I am working on a series of site responsive pieces based on Victorian decorative architectural features found around the N10 area of London, and juxtaposing them against the later, less elaborate architecture also found in the area. These should result in a series of photographic prints and smaller paper relief sculptures which I hope will have local appeal but also a encourage people to think about the effect of architecture and environment. Still very much in progress you can see some images on my website,

      I hope that answers your question. What sort of things are you cutting out?

      Best wishes,

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