Our Future Diorama

One of my greatest joys is walking along the stunning beach near my sister’s place. On these adventures I am very tunnel visioned and I only see beautiful treasures during these seaside walks. However on my last outing, I made myself have a reality check and what I saw mostly on the beach was washed up rubbish. How had I not noticed this before…..how was I blind to it? The rubbish was prolific and it dawned on me then that I was oblivious to the truth of my beach walks. I was wadding through piles of rubbish. So instead of collecting my seaside treasures, I started collecting the washed up garbage. I needed to create something that would remind me of the fragility of our natural surrounds. I needed something to remind me to open my eyes and observe. So I created for myself……”Our Future” Diorama.


Idea sent by Mezzy !

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