Cradle from pallet wood




Here is another masterpiece from punktrap !


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  1. Campbell Brown - October 18, 2013

    I would worry about the chemicals the wood was treated with.

  2. none - October 18, 2013

    I sure hope this is for a toy baby and not a real one.
    the very thought of using unknown materials such as pallet wood is frightening to say the least.
    there is NO way of knowing what was on that wood. Did it carry crates of fruits and veggies, or was is used to carry old barrels of chemicals? where was the pallet made, what was used to treat the wood, what spilled on it over the months, or maybe years, that it was used.

    I used to be very much in favor of pallet wood until someone else pointed out these things to me… now : i wouldn’t even use this stuff to start a bonfire. NO way, NO how!

    here’s hoping you guys start realizing just how incredibly bad this kind of “free” material can be!

  3. Linda Krysinski - October 19, 2013

    I would worry about other nasties too, like animal (rat/mouse) feces and black mold, if it were left outside or in a warehouse for any length of time. Super cute design, though.

  4. Pinky - March 11, 2014

    I think this is gorgeous and I found this pots by googling ‘DIY pallet cradle’. I plan to make one for my baby and i can see the extreme attention to sanding that the creator of this beauty has taken in sanding every surface smoothy and placing the bars the safe distance apart.

    It’s good to be concerned about the chemicals that the wood has been treated with or what has been sitting on them. I know my pallets have had software and hardware on them and are not treated timber. I’m not worried about them having sat in a warehouse or outside for any length of time because guess what? Any timber used for anything sits in warehouses and lumber yards for extended periods of time. Heck, the stuff sat in a forest for years when it was a tree!!!

    There’s be more toxins in your carpet and wall paint leaching out into your home environment and lungs than this thoughtful reuse of material would be.

    Beautiful design <3

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