Bike Art – Robots and Others

Peter Szabo, (re)designer, robot-maker, biker from Budapest.

He has been making upcycled artworks (robots, bike race trophies, interior design, whatever comes). Trying to exploit their potential to perform new functions, he’s mostly inspired by ready-to-use objects and forms. He mainly works of recycled bicycle parts or other garbage.

He is resolute in keeping art sustainable and environmental-friendly as well, he collects used bicycle parts and materials from individuals, local bike shops and services, sort and clean them one-by-one.


Submitted by: Peter Szabo !

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Co-founder of Recyclart. Working hard on Recyclart to bring you your daily dose of recycled creative ideas! :) A passion for people creativity when they start to think "recycled-upcycled"! :)


  1. Eddy Roca - March 27, 2014

    De l’art moderne, j’adore.

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