Refurbish an old folding lawn chair with seatbelt webbing and old belts

Take a faded, old aluminum folding lawn chair and strip off the old webbing. These are great pieces of furniture. They can be fixed much easier than a broken plastic piece of what currently passes for lawn furniture.


Submitted by: Ryan McFarland !

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  1. LINDA S. - June 20, 2014

    all of the chairs that I have ever redone using the mesh type webbing and woven for the seats and backs have had screws to push through the webbing and into the aluminum frames on the back and underside. These have seemed to be special screws without a real point, but sort of flat on two sides at the ends. I don’t know if you can replace these with just any screws. I do suggest using an awl or a good sized nail to poke holes in the mesh, and sort of wiggle around a bit where you will be putting your screws. You will have to work fast because the holes seem to want to close up again in a hurry! Don’t cut your webbing too long or your hiney will be on the ground when you sit down and it stretches a bit more!

  2. gillian - March 6, 2014

    your chair looks fabulous – can you tell me how you joined the webbing? do you have to sew it or is there a way to fuse it?

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