Benedetto Bufalino repurposes an old police car into a modern chicken coop



We previously featured Benedetto Bufalino here. One of his latest hilarious project is this vintage french police car transformed into a chicken coop !

++ Benedetto Bufalino

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  1. Benno Legters - February 9, 2014

    Ha haaa, Heidi Bakker!!

  2. Annie Oger - February 9, 2014

    C’est pas n’oeuf cela ))

  3. Athanael Milon - February 9, 2014

    jolie destin pour cette voiture qui aura passé sa vie rempli de poulets … 😉

  4. Nicola Rush - February 9, 2014

    That’s so cool – I have seen an old car used as a coop before!

  5. Sheila McGregor - February 9, 2014

    Ann Maceachen,you don’t need an

  6. Ann Maceachen - February 9, 2014

    Mine was to sail away in Sheila but what a great idea for Island scrappers!!!!!!

  7. Heidi Bakker - February 9, 2014

    Jaaa Benno! Wat een goed idee 😀 ik denk dat Daniel dat een beter idee vindt dan een CX als kippenhok

  8. Alex - February 9, 2014

    For non french speakers, there is a play on words : chicken (poulet in french) is also a surname for policemen… So this car has spend all its life with chickens inside !

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