Barbie dolls wave sculpture

This wave sculpture was made by Belgian-born and Australia-based artist Annette Thas from hundred of upcycled Barbie dolls alluding to childhood memories and environmental concerns. This sculpture was made as part of a public exhibition called “Sculpture By The Sea“.


The making of this wave of Barbies is explained in this interview with the artist.

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  1. Mandy Howard - March 21, 2014

    so that’s where all my daughters barbie dolls went hahahhahah ill look forward to the sock sculpture next…so I can end the debate of where all the odd socks go

  2. Zu Zi - March 21, 2014

    lil bit disgusting.. 😮

  3. Angela Woodhouse - March 21, 2014

    That’s a lot of plastic! – makes you think, doesn’t it?!

  4. Franca Gessaga - March 21, 2014

    brutte prese singolarmente,brutterrime in questa “opera d’arte”!!!!Blah!!!!

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