Dog Portrait from Corrugated Cardboard by Ali Golzad

A dog portrait made from corrugated cardboard by Iranian Artist Ali Golzad. Ali uses discarded cardboard to create eye catching pieces that are often inspired by well-known personalities, nature, and the real world issues like hunger and war.
From the artist:

My choice of material, corrugated cardboard, to create bas-relief portraits of displaced children in their native habitats, reflects their unseen status. Like corrugated cardboard, the twenty million (referring to twenty million children victim of armed conflicts) are everywhere yet invisible.
I have struggled with my material to create images that are highly emotional. The three-dimensional shapes of the eyes, noses and mouths, the wrinkled clothing, and the shapes of the hands and arms, outlined with Sharpie-lines, are a result of my struggle with the cardboard to capture the empathy we would have for any enslaved people.


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