Affordable design by Greek Designer Andreas Varotsos

Design is not only for few people or must always be synonymous of excessive prices. Andreas Varotsos proves it with his latest creations of design coffee tables at affordable prices.

Andreas Varotsos born in 1957, has studied industrial design in Rome, obtained a scholarship from the Alfa Romeo while studying his achievements. The engagement with the industrial design has a wide range, from design furniture’s (beds, tables, chairs, armchairs), through urban landscape objects (living, lighting, etc….), ans also electronic devices as many other everyday items.

Andreas has won several awards in international competitions, has partnered with big Greek companies like SATO and VARANGIS. In 2004 Andreas was selected for the design of the Olympic Torch. The inspiration for the Olympic torch came from the olive leaf (symbol of Greek land) depicted in masterly sketches, which led to the final synthetic idea.

As he say, the Torch was a challenge because it is essentially the subject of industrial design (production of 15,000 pieces), resulting in the need for research, study and the need to solve all the problems you might face during the design of an industrial object.

All the furniture’s presented below are available for purchase. For the prices, please contact




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