Paper for paper

We throw away paper. Too much paper!
In order to show how useless can be transformed in useful, I designed “Paper”. It’s a paper basket, made out of paper. And before you throw away your papers from your desk in this design bin, it will definitely go through your mind if you couldn’t reuse the backside of the paper, or just minimize your paper consume.


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Submitted by: Kenza Samlali !

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Who is Neokentin?

Co-founder of Recyclart. Working hard to bring you creative recycled ideas! :)


  1. Rachel Chadwick - May 22, 2014

    Some strong glue there….. 😀

  2. Anne-laure Guégan - May 23, 2014

    Francoise Dorbeau si tu sais pas quoi faire aprés tes jolis cadres 😉

  3. Francoise Dorbeau - May 23, 2014

    c est pas mal c est du carton que tu enroule

  4. Angela Di Giulio - May 23, 2014

    Nino Di Pietro è già tra le tue creazioni o ti ho dato un’idea?

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