Silent Watcher

As I was clearing the pile of discarded wooden beams of the collapsed roof from our old ancestral house in Kefallonia, Greece I suddenly felt that the beam “looked” at me . I knew I couldn’t throw it away. The idea of a huge statue watching us from the past came into my head and so it now silently watches us as we continue living in this beautiful house.


Submitted by: Georgios Lorandos !

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  1. Theanne L Crossett - May 10, 2014

    something like this would be perfect on an exterior wall at the front of house…once house is painted I need some art to add some interest :)

  2. Deb Kummer - May 10, 2014

    relax, it is just it’s aura !

  3. Jon Kelsey - May 10, 2014

    Not for me, but really cool design and execution.

  4. Prudence - May 11, 2014

    TOTALLY great ! It’s a wonderful piece of art – – truthful expression of beauty from ashes;
    radiating presence ! GREAT WORK !

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