Wind turbine (5 feets) made with cans and other wastes

I have built this 5 feets (1,5 meters) high wind turbine and have named it « Second Souffle II », because this machine is working with the wind and is made with wastes.

I got that idea by seeing the 6 wind turbines of my village and because these modern windmills are full of technology. It’s also because I like to take up the challenge of doing new stuff with old stuff instead of considering them as rubbish and throwing them to the garbage can, because they can still have many lives.

The tower is made with wine plastic stoppers (I keep the real corks for other creations), that you can see through the little door at the bottom of the tower. The nacelle and the blades are composed with waste wood. The whole wind turbine is covered with cans, the inside and the outside of the cans are alternately visible in order to make a contrast and remind the materials generally used.

As the real wind turbines, both the nacelle and the blades are able to turn.


Submitted by: Aurore NEY !

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  1. Carlitos - May 21, 2014

    Que bonito 😀

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