PiXEL31: Used Bottle Cap Pictures

The artist person is working under the pseudonym Triple-R, he uses in his work recycled materials. He has specialized on pictures made from used bottles lids. The foundation is based on the pointillism, a style direction from the 19th century. Here are some points placed on the canvas side by side. If you look at the whole thing with distance, merge the transitions and shape it to objects. From this derives also the name of the label “PiXEL31″ from. Photography In the digital pixel is the term for the image points and 31 is the indication of diameter in millimeter.



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Submitted by: Reiner Rupp !

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  1. Cori Dahl-Myles - June 1, 2014

    Art Cave check this fun are out!

  2. Irene Allen - June 1, 2014

    Upcycle Winnie, more stuff to do with your cap collection. :-)

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