Recycled Powder Room & Creek Glass Floor

An eclectic collection of Colorado Beach glass finds- turned into mosaic art. 10 years of walking the creeks & rivers of Colorado, collecting glass and artifacts -washed away by flash floods. This Inuit inspired design of salmon swimming is the jewel box in the heart of our recycled Straw Bale home. I love working with and using as much recycled material as possible. But this room is still my favorite. It’s an unexpected burst of color and water in the center of our Desert Straw Bale Home.


Submitted by: Kelly Hannah !

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Who is Neokentin?

Co-founder of Recyclart. Working hard to bring you creative recycled ideas! :)


  1. Jon Kelsey - July 24, 2014

    A lot of hard work involved in this, I’m sure.Remarkable results!

  2. Cédric Delaunay - July 24, 2014

    Tout simplement prodigieusement beau

  3. Violetta Andorini - July 24, 2014

    This is simply beautiful, from floor to mirror to everything. I hate formal and plain bathrooms.

  4. Ruth Megillot - July 25, 2014

    So ähnlich soll mein MiniBad werden…… ☺

  5. juju - July 27, 2014

    This is really fun to look at! Well done!

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