Concrete Wall Planters Made With Recycled Cardboard Molds

Don’t throw away those cardboard boxes! Use them to make concrete molds and you can have these gorgeous geometric planters and create your own stack-able vertical garden or tapestry of living walls!
Follow the easy tutorial at a piece of rainbow with free template!


Submitted by: ananda !

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Who is a piece of rainbow?

My name is Ananda. I am a landscape architectural designer and artist living in coastal southern California with my wonderful husband, who never ceases to amaze me everyday with his sweetness and generosity. I am inspired by the gorgeous nature around me, and the amazing people I encounter everyday.I spent six fun-filled years in art school, exploring nature and painting. When I got my MFA, my only career ambition was “What kind of job allows one to be outside?” Through some luck and synchronicity, I met my mentor, a visionary designer who guided me to find my passion in green design and landscape architecture.I see our universe as a connected web of life. Our role as designers is to create places and objects of beauty and harmony, to enhance the well-being of not only humans, but all species of life.Among all the design projects I have worked on from unique residences to international resorts, I find myself most inspired by creations that are spontaneous, fresh, and coming from hearts of individuals living their unique life experiences.