Contest !

/// Send us your idea and WIN a 100$ Amazon gift certificate !


It’s now time for a little contest, we have a cool 100$ Amazon gift certificate to spent on to win!

How it works?

From April, 01 2014 to April, 15 2014, send us your favorite work/idea based on recycling, upcycling or repurposing…your idea/work should be creative or useful…but in the recycling world this shouldn’t be so difficult :)

The prizes are offered by our partner Crucial Vacuum

Who they are?

Crucial Vacuum sell replacement parts for vacuum cleaners and other small appliances. We believe in fixing things rather than throwing them away, so love upcyclers!

Crucial Vacuum contacted us with the goal to encourage people to fix, re-use, or upcycle rather than throw stuff away in someway and with this partnership idea. That’s a nice way to encourage people in recycling even more than the gift certificate can be used to buy some nice recycled, handmade or fair trade products that you can find If you need some inspiration, you can visit Recyclart shop for a nice selection of products (recycled, upcycled, ecodesign…)! :)

The winner will be chosen together with Crucial Vacuum and will be contacted by email to receive the 100$ Amazon gift certificate.

Why contribute ?

  • To show to the world your work or the link you stumbled upon !
  • To be linked on !
  • To spread the recycling/upcycling/repurposing ideas
  • To make the world a better place to live in !

To contribute, just fill-in the title and the description of your work and/or discovery, please try to be as descriptive as possible. Don’t forget to source your link in order for our readers to be able to find more information !

How to upload pictures ?

You can select up to five pics to illustrate your post ! Then, you’ll have to choose a category and tag your post. Last step : leave your name and email !

2 things to remember :

  • Source/ link you post !
  • Do not forget to put a valid email in order for us to contact you after the contest if you are the winner !

Thank you for your contribution and good luck !

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Depending of the size of your images, they could take some time to upload to our server, so be patient :)