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10 Brilliant Upcycled Christmas Decorations You Made!

Crafters like you have created unique Upcycled Christmas Decorations. Let’s look back at ten excellent examples and find inspiration for our upcoming holiday decor!

Check out these 10 Brilliant Upcycled Christmas Decorations You Made!

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Woodburned upcycled branch slices with snowflake patterns

When it’s time to toss that dried-out holiday tree, slice a few sections from the trunk and save them!

Upcycle old lightbulbs of any type into stunning Christmas tree ornaments

When bulbs burn out, don’t throw them away! Upcycle bulbs into charming holiday ornaments.

Cardboard carolers

This cardboard trio is an adorable project to assemble with your kids!

Upcycled TP tube advent calendar

We use it, so we should use it again! Turn old TP tubes into a DIY advent calendar.

Upcycle a coffee can into a jolly Santa’s Planter Bucket

Turn a coffee can or other large can into a jolly planter!

Turn empty plastic bottles into upcycled holiday gift boxes!

You’d never guess these little gift packages are made using upcycled plastic bottles.

Turn old T-shirts into crochet ornaments

Can you believe these ornaments are made from old T-shirts?

Pinecone gnomes

Scrap felt, and old pinecones never looked more adorable!

DIY Santa Wreath

Now that’s a welcoming holiday wreath!

Use those old buttons and create tiny button trees!

Empty out some of those jars or cans of buttons and turn them into cute button trees!


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