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14 Gorgeous Ideas of Recycled Wine Barrels

We love wine barrels at Recyclart and we already featured a lot of projects and ideas made from recycled wine barrels. You’ll find below 14 ideas of repurposed wine barrels. So, with all these ideas, is now your turn to find some old wine barrels and start a new recycling project with them! :)

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Armchairs and coffee table

Source: Woohome

Big wall mirror

Turn wine barrels into stylish wine racks

Source: Woohome

You can also make a pretty nice parquet with wine barrels

A bathroom sink made with a wine barrel

Source: Modenus

Your pet will love you with this comfortable dog bed

If your dog is not happy with the bed, you can make him a luxury house

A swing convertible into a nice cradle

Source: Woohome

A Garden table

Another great idea is to reuse them as side tables

Source: Upcycle That

What do you think of this nice baby cradle?

An amazing Kitchen island

A cool and design chair

Source: Recyclart

and a last one for the fun, a complete drum set made from recycled wine barrels!

Source: Recyclart

Do you have any other creative ideas or objects made with recycled wine barrels? Do not hesitate to share them with us! :)


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