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10 Last-minute Upcycled Christmas Ideas!

With Christmas just around the corner, here are 10 Last-Minute Upcycled Christmas Ideas to make or buy! Make holiday decor or personalized gifts, or just a lovely gift for you! Reduce your stress and make (or buy) Upcycled Christmas Ideas!

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Adorable Aluminum Can Earrings

These crisp, refreshing (haha) stars are perfect for the soda or cold beverage fan in your household. A great way to show your love for a specific brand of beverage while adding a bit of sparkle to your holiday decor.

Sea Glass Christmas Tree USB Lamp

The gentle glow with the colors of the sea is relaxing year-round! This sea glass lamp is pretty enough to display whenever you need a bit of color!

A Canning Lid Snowman

This whimsical country snowman is a perfect rustic addition to your holiday decor.

Custom License Plate Art

This ingenious project is ideal for the automotive afficionado in the home.

Upcycled Skateboard Jewelry

Can you believe this ring came from an old skateboard? Look at that shimmering color!


Add some tech to your holiday decor with these Pac-Man-inspired gift tags (or tree ornaments).

Gifts for the four-legged children

Who’s a good dog? Your dog, of course! Reward your best furry friend with a relaxing pillow or chew toy!

Denim Christmas Stockings

Denim comes in a variety of colors, and this stocking is the perfect canvas! Mix dark and light tones in a quilt pattern and create a country stocking!

Bicycle Spoke Ornament

Honestly, did you ever look at a bicycle and see Christmas trees? You do now!

Melted Beer Bottle Butter Dish

Put this butter dish on your holiday table and wow the crowd!

Be prepared with a list of the handiest Zombie Apocalypse Tools! Turn old fabric into Gift Bags!


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