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10 of the Most Originals Bbq for Upcycled Car Lovers

Summer is coming, and maybe you are in the process of searching for a new BBQ to enjoy the long evening with your friends and family. If you are a car lover and love things made from recycled car parts, here is a fresh selection of BBQ made from car parts, old cars, and even cars with integrated BBQ! Now it’s your turn to make your BBQ :)

Original bbq made from all kinds of car parts.
Your BBQ directly in your car trunk.
Yes, it’s a Porsche, now it’s a kind of BBQ Spoiler :)
Don’t know which kind of car it is, but now it’s a BBQ for sure!
Another BBQ integrated directly inside a car trunk.
Do you think the motor is roaring when cooking on it?
Old V8 motor transformed into a more than original BBQ.
Love this one; it can be moved like a trailer.
This one is my favorite; a Volkswagen Beetle transformed into a BBQ.

That’s all for today, if you want more car BBQ ideas, visit Road Kill Customs, they have more than 70 examples of custom BBQ or at 1001Gardens

where they also have a nice selection. Maybe you are more on the fire pit side? Check out this incredible Darth Vader Fire Pit!

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