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10 Things You Can Make From Reclaimed Wood Logs

Across the globe, millions of tons of wood are thrown away every year. Do you realize how much good we can do for the environment if we reclaim wood logs and repurpose them? Here are 10 beautiful ways to go ahead.

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Source: Staircase Handrail From A Wood Log

Add a woody elegance to your stairs by crafting a handrail out of an oak log. You can make this kind of handrail arrangement in your home, office or even a shop.

Floor layout

How about an awesome floor layout made through log slices? It does create a really attractive design over the floor, adding an ethnic beauty to your home.

Source: Cordwood Construction

Coffee Table

A cool idea that you will definitely love! A coffee table made out of cross-sections of logs piled together looks simple yet graceful.

Source: David Gill

Curtain rod and brackets

Experience a forest-like ambiance at your own living room or bedroom by crafting curtain rod and brackets from branches and twigs. Try this out of the box curtain idea!

Source: LivingVintageCo


Tree branch art has always been in style. In fact, you can do a unique getup by designing your own bracelet or pendant out of claimed twigs.

Source: Hello Glow

Kitchen Island

Have a large stump? Cut out a slab of wood from it and create your very own kitchen island.

Source: Silent Rivers

Wood Pencil Holder

You can always buy a plastic pencil holder from the market. But why not be a little whimsical and make your own pencil holder from a reclaimed wood log?

Source: Wood Pencil Holder

Rustic Decoration

Want some decoration within a strict budget? Go the rustic way and glue a bunch of twigs to a glass container. You have an attractive candle votive for a mantel display.

Wood Slice Garland

Decorate your place during weddings or on any holiday occasion with wood slice garlands. Create your own design according to the mood of the occasion.

Source: Fynes Design