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10 Weird Christmas Trees Made Using Alternative Materials

You don’t have to buy a tree. Instead, make a tree using upcycled or recycled materials like these 10 Christmas Trees! Make a tree that is as unique and diverse as you are!

10 Christmas Trees Made Using Alternative Materials:

#1: Cheer-filled Holiday Tree

This tree is made using Jack Daniel’s whiskey barrels stacked into a tree shape.

#2: Godzilla Tree

Oh, no! Look out, Tokyo!

#3: A Baby Tree

There’s something so lovely about a living tree. *snickers*

#5: Giant, inflatable tree-shaped sculpture

It’s SUPPOSED to be a tree sculpture. That’s ALL you see, correct? Perhaps this is a political statement?

#6: Imperial Christmas Tree

May the holiday Force be with you.

#7: Truck Tire Tree

A way to turn dirty, worn tires into something that’ll make you smile!

#8: Upcycled Plastic Bag Tree

#9: Cthulhu Tree

Release the Kraken…er…Cthulhu! This tree embraces the creator’s personal tastes and adds humor to the holidays.

#10: Leftover Wrapping Paper Tree

We all have those bits of beautiful paper, and we save that one half-curl for a “little present” that never materializes. Upcycle those leftover scraps into a cute DIY tree for your wall!

Turn a suitcase into a chair!