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1950’s Fridge Becomes Excellent Wine Cellar

We transformed an old 1950’s Fridge into a gorgeous and functional Wine Cellar. We applied a rust patina, and built wood shelves inside.

Old fridges – especially ones that aren’t functional – are fairly reasonable (or even free). We had to sand this one down to remove the original white paint and apply a rust patina before sealing it. We painted the inside a cheery green color and then began installing the lining. Use store-bought lumber or upcycle pallet wood. A heavy-duty construction adhesive like Power Grab works well to adhere the wood to the refrigerator walls. If you use screws, be cautious of the length, and don’t puncture the exterior! Cut out some U-shaped notches in wood (you can use a hole saw, drill holes and then saw the wood in half and have two shelves done at once). Secure the shelves and then fill the fridge up!

Editor’s note: There are several ways to obtain a rust patina – from DIY techniques you can find on the ‘net to professional kits, such as seen from metal finish supplies like Metal Finishes Plus. We are not endorsing any products or techniques – this is our search to help our crafters out with ideas.

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