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1968 Citroen Hy Van Transformed Into Guest Bedroom Cabin

The Citroen HY Van is one the symbol of France since 1968, it’s a mythic van that you can still cross on the little roads of France, thanks to its durability and its lovely look!

This Citroen Van is located in Norway and was transformed into a guest bedroom cabin. A nice little sofa and a double bed offer all the comfort you can desire for a guest bedroom. This converted Van isn’t intended to be a complete tiny house but more a place for relaxing and sleeping. There aren’t any bathroom or kitchen facilities inside the Van, only a tiny fridge, but you can still enjoy a warm ambiance. So, if you are in Vestby, Akershus, you can rent this beautiful Van for a few nights while you explore the area. We really love this adorable van and for sure will keep it in our “to rent” list for our next trip in Norway. :)


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