20 Brilliant Upcycled Valentine’s Day Ideas

As Christmas is now over, it’s time to think about the Valentine day for those of you who are lucky enough to have a lover (for the others, hurry up it’s time to find your lover ;)). Here are some of the best ideas made from upcycled or recycled materials, from a simple heart or a quote to more fancy jewelry. Hope you will find some useful inspirations in this post!

Lover gloves, maybe the perfect lover’s accessory if you have some knitting skills
Natural Love, The word – LOVE – is stitched into real leaves to create this green Valentine
Rose It, Only with post-it :)
Pallet Love Sign, say your valentine you love him/her with a wooden pallet!
An idea of decoration for valentine’s day making hearts recycling plastic bottles
Show the one you love how much you care about crocheting old t-shirt
Heart Tea Bags + Envelope for your Valentine’s day message to your love
A can is painted, pierced with a hammer and nail and sewn with embroidery thread to make this fun Valentine’s Day craft
Cardboard frames to celebrate Valentine’s day
Cork is a precious material, 100% natural, rather than end it in the trash; we can realize the creative recycling ideas for Valentine’s Day table
Need a DIY idea for Valentine’s Day? Why not make this pretty garland of paper hearts and decorate your home before the arrival of your girlfriend/boyfriend?
After you eat the candy – use those hearts to showcase the ones you love! Made my resident artist Heather Lee at nonprofit Creative Reuse Center ReCreate, located in Roseville, CA
Easily recycled candle jar for Valentine’s day
Upcycled Fabric scraps into a valentine messenger bag
Upcycled gourd and pull tabs into an original heart wall art
Upcycled felted wool into a beautiful card holder
Heart keychain. This crochet heart is made of red nylon yarn and two recycled pop tabs, that were washed and cleaned before using in this project
Necklace from recycled circuit board, jewelry for your geek lover :)
Romantic heart-shaped earrings from recycled CD’s