33 Creative Ways of Recycling Old Ties That Will Inspire You

Last weekend I had ties on my mind with the creation of a recycled tie dress for my Divine Little Miss M. So, I thought it would be fun to put together a collection of some fabulous recycled and repurposed tie creations out there – the kind that will have you running to your nearest thrift store to scoop up loads of ties and get busy creating. So, what to do with old ties? Below are presented 33 projects to inspire you and gives you some ideas to upcycled old ties you can have at home.

Upcycled tie into a necklace
Obi Belt Upcycled Ties  / kimono
19 Reviews
Obi Belt Upcycled Ties / kimono
The Obi is a belt serving to close the Japanese traditional clothes, such as kimonos or clothes of training for the martial arts (keikogi or dogi). She is in the form of a ribbon of fabric without loo...
Recycled silk tie into shoelaces
Recycled ties become trim on this funky little purse
Recycled ties as dress straps (backside)
Recycled ties on a purse
Recycled tie into purse handles
Another Purse from recycled ties
Quilt made from recycled ties
Necklace made from recycled tie
Recycled tie into Halloween pumpkins
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Thanks you i need it to finish my chair ……… .


Love the promo for the 33 recyled ties ideas—but I cannot locate them. The Blue Velvet Chair link is not working to stay with the —it keeps offering other sites and ideas. Does anyone have an updated link? The recycled tie promo looks brilliant!

Thanks if you can help!

Donna Fescenmeyer

Wonderful creative ideas

Fiona Sewer
Fiona Sewer

Wonderful – thank you


Years ago my elderly great-aunt used to make footstools by taping a lot of coffee cans together (one in the center, others around it in a circle) and then, for upholstery, creating a patchwork of old neckties which she feather-stitched together. I vaguely remember that the sides were covered in a heavy black fabric like wool, maybe somebody’s old coat? She must have used a layer of something thick for the top under the ties, for padding. Men today less often wear ties to work—they are discarding them—thrift shops and yard sales are full of nice ties—I hope some clever… Read more »

Reply to  Janie

If you can find any old pix of your aunt’s creations – or dare to recreate one yourself, we’d LOVE to see it. It sounds VERY interesting, and fun! Thanks for sharing that story! <3

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