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35 Amazing Ways to Upcycle Old Boats

We already featured some lovely projects made from old upcycled boats. Here are 35 of the best ways to reuse old boats for your inspiration. So, if you have an old and useless boat or if you can find one for nothing or at a meager price, you’ll find some good ways to reuse it :)

Have you ever dreamed of sleeping on a boat but your seasick? Now you can! :)

If you’re dreaming of being somewhere else, this upcycled boat bed is for you.

Another great bed from an old boat!

One of the best way to give a sailor touch to your bedroom with this boat bed.

Why not reusing an old boat as a decorative shelf?

When a tree fell on our old canoe, I decided to turn it into a canoe shelf. All the materials came from the canoe, except some screws and paint. Seats for frames with the thwarts put in front for more character.

Custom boat bookcase that is cut into the wall. Can be surface mounted. As shown is built out of pine, With a lacquer finish.

Beautiful display shelves from an old wooden canoe!

Another beautiful shelf from an old boat.

White painted boat shelves.

Garden sofa from an old boat and some pallet wood.

Garden couch made from an old boat.

The objects we design and produce will be customer-specific handcrafted in Germany without exception. One customer told us about an old boat that he wanted to discard. “Or do you have an idea?” We saw through the boat in the middle and drafted him his new recycled boat couch made of the old boat! He was amazed!

An original potting bench out of an old wooden boat!

Wow, really love the way this old boat was repurposed, perfect to have a rest or a drink, or a rest AND a drink on the beach :)

Now, this is a boat couch! :)

Use your old boat as a nice garden shelves decoration, perfect for flowers or you could also use it as an herbs planter!

Such a great idea to reuse an old canoe for this purpose, we call it the canoe-o-plants!

What do you think of this boat-planter

? Maybe one of the easiest way to upcycle an old boat in your garden.

Beautiful boat planter, full of colors and flowers.

Other upcycled boat planter ideas.

Why not making a romantic boat shelter in your backyard?

Coffee table made from an upcycled old little boat, a really great idea for shabby chic home décor.

Beautiful table made with the front part of an old wooden boat.

An old boat hanged on your ceiling for an original decoration, you will impress your friends ;)

Cool boat lighting! Only works with high, lofty ceiling, however! Bring nautical feeling into your home. (source)

Why don’t use an old boat as a kids sandpit? I’m sure your kids will love it! :)

Another nice upcycled boat idea for your kids. This is an old canoe reused as a sandpit with some old tires to complete it, the perfect kids garden :)

This is an old boat that was in my yard. We pulled it out of the woods, then cut it in half and turned it into an awesome playhouse/swing set.

Old boat upcycled into a door frame!

A boat or a canoe is supposed to be waterproof, no? So it should be the case on both sides? What do you think of this garden pool built with an upcycled canoe, for your water flowers and maybe some fishes?

These repurposed boat sheds are Located on Lindisfarne (Holy Island – England); the fishermen have a great way to recycle their old boats by turning them upside down and creating storage sheds!

Old boat upcycled and returned to a house roof. This little house is located in the heart of “Cap de la chèvre” in the peninsula of Crozon in Bretagne (France).

A fisherman friend helped me join these two derelict cove-boats together to make the wooden whaler.


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