3d Upcycled Paper Wall Art Pieces & Portraits

I make my 3D Upcycled Paper Wall Art Pieces by drawing onto cardstock. Then, I build up a 3-D image by adding strips of upcycled paper products.

Turn your drawings into 3-d Upcycled Paper Wall Art Pieces that’ll mesmerize your friends!

After I have built up the 3-D image, I cut it out and glue it down onto a white painted board. I finish the project by painting in all the fine details, including the background. Lately, I make a lot of things from recycled magazines. I tried pictures to see how far I could take this art form and so far they have all gone well. Each image takes approximately three weeks to complete from start to finish. The hardest part to do is the detailing, but it’s also the best part.

Upcycle old magazines and even junk mail into stunning 3-d Upcycled Paper Wall Art.
Portraits have been one of my newest experiments in 3-d paper art. Each project takes about three weeks to complete.

This skull lamp is one of my 3-d Upcycled Paper Wall Art pieces.

3-d Upcycled Paper Wall Art includes a portrait of Amy Winehouse.

You can make little boxes and storage pieces too using 3-d Upcycled Paper Wall Art techniques.
My paper art projects include little boxes like this single-drawer piece.

Errors become functional canvas totes with a little creativity!  Make a pallet chaise lounger!

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