50+ Creative Ways of Reusing Clothespins

We already showcased on Recyclart some craft ideas made from upcycled clothespins. Today we will show you more than 50 DIY clothespin crafts ideas!

Back in history, do you know when the clothespin was invented? The wooden clothespin was invented in 1700’s for hanging up clothes, but at this time it was made from one-piece wooden. The actual design was invented by David M. Smith (inventor) of Springfield, Vermont, in 1853 and was improved by Solon E. Moore in 1887. A great invention for so many years and even if many people use cloth dryers nowadays in our modern countries, the clothespin is still used everywhere! These amazing wooden pegs could also be upcycled or reused for many creative DIY ideas for your house, wedding, kids party or even home indoor decoration. Let’s see what we’ve found :)

Clothespin Lamps with an original design (by David Olschewski).
A cute little caterpillar that your kids will love!
An egg bird for your children?
A Little chick from yellow painted clothespin.
A nice butterfly from an upcycled clothespin and candies :)
Butterfly with nuts (instead of candies)!
A tiny giraffe made with three repurposed clothespins.
If your boy is a fan of cowboys, here is a cool idea to make one from old clothespins.
Tiny crocodile, your kids will be a fan of them :)
Another way of making crocodiles with clothespins and some pieces of leftover felts.
A tiny dog from three upcycled clothespins and one ice cream stick!
With three repurposed clothespins and a painted sheet of paper, you can do any African wild animals such as Zebra or Giraffe.
Using clothespins, let your child color a shark, attach smaller fish on the inside of the clothespin so that when the shark closes its mouth, it appears to have eaten the fish. Great for rainy days!
Upcycled ice cream sticks and clothespins and you have cool little planes!
Practical idea of reusing clothespin as earphone cable organizer!
Tired of losing your socks? Here is a cool idea, a lost socks wall holder from clothespins.
What about a memo holder you can fix on the wall?
A colored version…
…and a more rustic version perfect for hanging your best photos!
As a beautiful way to display photos and cards with this picture frame display!
Clothespins are also perfect for hanging some wrapped gifts for the Advent Calendar :)
An Advent calendar in the form of a wreath made with upcycled and painted clothespins.
A flower wreath?
A hanging wreath, perfect for photos and other notes.
Clothespins could also be used as decorations around a circular mirror.
 Some Christmas decorations made from repurposed clothespins.
They are also a good way to transform an ugly vase into a beautiful one :)
Another nice little planter!
Drop a glass votive and tea light inside use clothespins as an interesting candle holder too.
Another idea is a photo wall display magnet with Washi tape decoration!
Love this one, a moveable Pac-Man, so cool :)
Clothespins are perfect as plant labels!
DIY Clothespin Herb Planters.
A sunburst mirror with clothespins (a lot) :) (DIY Instructions)
Little wrap dolls!
A nice and clever trivet.

Altered tin can with clothespins: candle, pencil or plant holder (Tutorial)

That’s all folks! Have you made something nice & original from clothespins? Do not hesitate to send it to us and we will add it :)