6 of the Best & Easy Garden Tool Rack You Can Make from Recycled Materials

Is it the mess in your garage or pallet garden shed? It’s still winter, and maybe it’s time to take the decision to organize all your tools and be ready for the coming spring with a brand new garden tool storage! You will find below six ideas of easy garden tool racks you can make from recycled or upcycled materials. So, to recover some organization and quickly find your garden tools when the sun and the heat will be back, take some inspiration :)

Pallets are perfect for organizing your tools; they are the perfects tools holders :) – source: 12 Garden Tool Racks You Can Easily Make

Another example of pallet use for organizing your tools, with some leftover tiles glued to it as decoration – source: Pallet Used As A Tool Rack

A garage tool peg racks also made from repurposed pallet wood – source: Garage Tool Peg Rack

An old mailbox in your garden can be useful to hold your everyday tools – source: Mailbox as Tools Holder

If you have some leftover pieces of PVC, you can create this wall-o-organization for all the handled tools – source: 12 Garden Tool Racks You Can Easily Make

Got a rusty old steel rake? When mounted tines-out on a shed wall or a door, the rake’s head becomes a vintage-look rack for your gardening tools – source: ThisOldHouse

Bonus (because we really like this one): Look at this perfect tool rack organization, more for carpenter tools than gardening tools but still very well done!

And you, have you made some gardening tools rack? What did you use to make it? Share it with us

! :)