Wine Box Into Vintage Wall Cabinet


A wine box transformed into a wall cabinet.

Vintage Wooden Wall Clock & Key Ring holder

A vintage wooden clock was repaired and customized with miniatures.

Vintage Style Tea Box Lamp

What to do with a nice metal tea box? A lamp, for example.

Land art mandala

My name is Tamas Kanya from Budapest, Hungary. I've been creating what you would call mandala compositions on the riverbank…

How to Repurpose Mardi Gras Beads into a Sculpture using a Mannequin Torso

A beautiful pearl-encrusted mannequin torso like the one above is super easy to create. The only skill needed is patience…

Video Tutorial: How to Make a Table with Mannequin Legs

A step-by-step video tutorial on how to turn mannequin parts into a table.

Shop Counter From Old Wood & Second Hand Parts

It's a shop counter that I made recently for someone who was opening the shop. I used wood and metal…

Steampunk Lamps & Furniture’s

Worth checking out as they are just great-looking furniture. We take time to make those, take care of the details,…

New Life For Discarded Bike Parts

  After moving into a house on a steep ridge, we decided to put handrails down to our backyard. We…

Tortoise: a sculpture made out of recycled cardboard paper boxes

  Tortoises live a long life, and this sculpture took almost 9 months to complete. First, I make a paste…