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Beautiful Way of Reusing Old Wood Logs With Ceramics Into Stools

By Neokentin

Hi, my name is Laurie, I’m from Montreal, and I do upcycled art with the name La Luna créations. Sorry for my English, I’ll do my best to explain my […]

11 Carpenter’s Workbenches Repurposed as Contemporary Pieces of Decoration

By Neodim

If you’re used to hanging around antique markets, then I’m sure you already stumbled upon Carpenter’s workbench. These pieces of solid wood tell a story at first sight, but you […]

Salvaged Tree Bench

By Neodim

Beautiful bench made out of salvaged logs. Perfect for outdoor use but gives a twist to this interior too ! ++Pics from here

Diy : Colorful Bench

By Neodim

Here is a beautiful DIY project by Christina Diaz.

Fossile Bench

By Neokentin

Built on location, every instance of the Fossile bench is different, in correlation with local characteristics. The concrete seating conserves imprints from a neighbouring tree’s leaves, while the footing is […]

Diy: Chimney Block Benches

By Neokentin

Outdoor benches made from treated lumber and old chimney blocks. These can be taken apart for winter storage. They are quite heavy, so they’re going nowhere in the wind, (unless […]

Wood Bench

By Neokentin

This wooden bench was developed from the vegetable market recycling of wooden boxes. Made with fragile and considered poor wood, as Marupá and Pinus, these packings possess shortness useful life […]

Snowboard Bench

By Neodim

Different versions can be found on the net : here and there!

13 Examples of Creative Recycled Art

By Neokentin

Recycling is popular nowadays, that is, the production of new products from used goods doomed to the trash. In the world, people have formed an innovative new direction in art. […]

5 Examples of Creative Ways to Turn Trash into Cash

By Neokentin

Nowadays, our planet is literally drowning in garbage. The amount of global waste has reached unimaginable numbers and, unfortunately, very little of it is recycled or reused. According to the […]

14 Ways To Reuse Old Bricks In Your Garden

By Neokentin

Whether you are looking to repair an old garden wall, refurbish a shed or garage, or you want to create a garden feature that is in keeping with the rest […]

Diy: Waste Less ‘rake-let’ Pallet Chair

By studiomuda

Studiomuda is releasing a free download file with the instructions to build its new furniture piece “Rake-let.”

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