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A Mini Easel From Clothespins

By RecicladoCreativo by Rosa Montesa

It’s easy and very cheap to make a mini easel from clothespins. You just need 6 clothespins, 1 stick, and wood glue. The small easel can be used to put […]

50+ Creative Ways of Reusing Clothespins

By Neokentin

We already showcased on Recyclart some craft ideas made from upcycled clothespins. Today we will show you more than 50 DIY clothespin crafts ideas! Back in history, do you know […]

Gift Tag Clothespin

By Ronja Lotte

I am currently hard at work to craft for Christmas: gifts, decorations, gift tags, wrapping paper, etc… With everything that falls into my hands, I now check automatically if I […]

Diy: Necklace from an Old Clothespin

By Neokentin

A Do-It-Yourself tutorial to explain to you how to make a necklace pendant from a simple clothespin. Need only a few minutes to do and give you the opportunity to […]

Clothespin Love Message

By Neokentin

So cute! A creative way to tell your love to your friend with a simple clothespin, partner or family! DIY Instructions at Leanna Ranieri website.

Kissing Couples Made with Clothespin

By Neokentin

Cute little kissing couples made with reused clothespins by Jessie Jane from Lillyshop. They can be used as cupcake toppers, paper clips, or they can simply dance on your desk. […]

Clothespin Pendant Lamp

By Neokentin

Lamp made with clothespins. Yes, those clips which we use for drying our clothes! Makes a beautiful shadow when it’s turned on. More photos available on my website!

Clothespins Advent Calendar

By Neodim

Beautiful idea for your homemade Christmas advent calendar with clothespins!

How To Upcycle Your Old Stuff

By Neokentin

The best things in life are free. This adage proves to be especially true when it comes to repurposing your old stuff into something not only beautiful but usable as […]

Top 10 Wrapping Ideas from Repurposed Materials

By Neokentin

Once you find the proper gift to give, the battle is only half won. Now you need to wrap it appropriately and for that, you need suitable materials. But don’t […]

Bike Chains Upcycled Into Frames

By UrbanVeggie

Repurposed upcycled frames have been handcrafted into original art pieces for the home. Each message board is unique; no two look alike. The posted photos show a conceptual design that […]

A Recycled Year: Top 5 Posts On Recyclart In 2015

By Neokentin

2015 is near the end, and it was another great year at Recyclart with a lot of originals contributions made from recycled, upcycled or repurposed materials! Before starting 2016, let’s […]

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